Why Brodie MEdia

Great content tells a great story, and that story should be shared, not buried or lost online because of ineffective marketing. That’s where we come in. We have a passion to get your business the attention it needs and deserves… and the experience to make it happen.

Have you ever been frustrated because you spent time, energy, and money to produce spectacular content that just didn’t get results? Or have you ever worked your tail off to achieve the success you’d been craving—published that book, opened that storefront, finally launched that perfect product—and announced it to the world on social media… and got only two people to click the link to buy? 

If that sounds like you, you aren't alone, but fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.


Creative Content

From photography and video to top-notch writing, editing, and design, we generate the content that engages your customers.


Digital Marketing

We combine optimal content with first-rate promotion and digital marketing strategies to generate more clients—and more sales.

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We specialize in offering the kind of guidance, wisdom, and coaching that can double or triple your revenue. 

The Brodie Family We're a family business built on honesty and faith.  Our goal is to treat you not like a client, but like part of our tribe.

The Brodie Family
We're a family business built on honesty and faith.
Our goal is to treat you not like a client, but like part of our tribe.

We created Brodie Media as a way to bridge the gap between outstanding content creation and effective digital marketing. For years we watched as our photography and videography clients spent hundreds and thousands of dollars with us to create amazing content for their brands, only to have it slapped up on a website or a Facebook page and it would never get seen—lost in the noise. This led to disappointment for our clients and frustration for us. Because of a lack of planning, all that hard work would go down the drain. It got lost in social media algorithms and didn’t perform the way the company expected it to perform, and then they’d get discouraged by the lack of engagement and feel like the whole thing was a failure. In reality, the only failure was the implementation of their digital marketing strategy—not the content itself.  See, all social media is dependent on certain algorithms—not only the content but when it is released, how it is released, how active people are with it, and how people see it. You’ve got to create a strategy to maximize all those factors to break through the clutter on social media. So Brodie Media was born to make sure our clients received not just the content they wanted, but the digital strategy they needed to be successful. 

We bring decades of experience in digital marketing and content creation to the table—all for you.

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Brodie Media is led by Matt Brodie, an award-winning photographer and videographer who has had a successful production company for 15 years. Matt has worked on programming for the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel, as well as major companies and organizations including Marriott International and TEDx, and his work has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. He also spent 13 years as the communications director for a large Christian denomination planning communication strategies and creating award-winning content. Jessica Brodie is an award-winning Christian journalist, author, editor, blogger, and writing coach.

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