Maybe your social media problem isn’t the problem at all


When potential clients reach out to us, the conversation often sounds a lot like, “We just need some help with our social media. We’re OK with everything else.” 

That sounds like a reasonable way to start a conversation, but the problem is it’s almost always wrong. They aren’t “OK with everything else.” In most cases, their “everything else” is so bad we can’t actually help them with what they think their need is—until we help them fix the larger problem.

See, what most companies fail to realize is that your social media, your website, and your email marketing are all connected. They are work together to make your company successful. One can’t do the job of all, and when one is weak, or just downright awful, all of them suffer. 

A proper media campaign looks something like this: Awesome content is created as part of a focused and specific social media campaign. That content is pushed to a qualified targeted audience. The social media campaign pushes people to a specific page on your website with content directly related to the social media campaign. Then, that webpage encourages people to give an email address. That email address is then pushed to your email marketing software, then used to retarget those people with followup messages and your focused retargeting advertising on social media… and the people who interacted with your original social media, website, and email are targeted again to repeat the process. You see, it’s a circle, not a direct one-way line. When your website is terrible, you won’t get the conversation from social media that you’re after. 

I’ve seen it time and time again: A great social media campaign pushes people to a terrible website that stops conversation in its tracks. It’s easy to then look at the ad campaign and think it’s a failure. After all, you dumped a bunch of money into Facebook ads and didn’t get your money back out in sales or leads or whatever it was that you set as a goal. You blame the ads, the content, even the audience, when in reality it was the website or the terrible emails—or even the lack of emails following up with your message. After all, we all know it takes at least seven impressions (if not more!) to get someone to really notice you or your brand. So why would you think a one-time ad with no followup would be enough?


So what do you do?

Try this...

So here’s the simple answer: Get someone you know who will give you honest feedback on your website. Get them to look at it from a user’s point of view, someone who doesn’t know your insider lingo or isn’t familiar with your products or services. Find out where they get confused, where they get stuck, lost, or redirected to something they didn’t intend. Ask them about the design, the navigation, the content, the images, the text. Ask them about the checkout process or the contact information. Send them a sample email and see if the subject line is effective, if design turns them off, and if they were engaged enough to click links back to your site.

Then, use that feedback to make changes to your website and email marketing. Once you’ve done that, you can then move on to your social media campaigns. 

And now, when you do them, you’ll know whether or not your social media is actually effective, or if other aspects of your website are shutting down your sales and wasting your money.