We've launched our Youtube Channel!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new Youtube channel.

This channel is a resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs, individual brands, authors, bloggers, vloggers—basically, anyone who is self-employed or looking to grow their own business. We wanted to create a place to help you learn more about social media marketing and online strategies to grow your audience and, hopefully, ultimately generate more brand awareness and revenue.

So here are our first 3 videos! We're still tweaking things, and we have a lot of plans going forward, but we would really appreciate your support by subscribing to the channel and letting us know what kind of information you want to see.

Check out the channel here!

In this episode, we offer a few tips and tricks you can use to grow your Facebook audience, get more likes and get more organic reach for free.

In this episode, we talk about a few ways you can grow your Instagram audience with your actual customers using hashtags and geo-based tagging to get more likes and more organic reach for free. You'll learn one of our strategies for growing your Instagram audience with local users that are actually your customers. And you'll also learn why you can't go for just large numbers.

In this episode, we talk about five little mistakes business, companies, entrepreneurs and service providers make with their social media accounts that are costing them money. Learn why so many aren't converting their social media audience into paying customers. We'll give you some ideas on how to actually grow a social media audience that will buy from you. If you have any ideas or comments, leave them below in the comments.