How the creative visual playground of Instagram helps your writing and reach

Photo by Matt Brodie - Follow him on Instagram at  @TheBrodieMan803  You can also follow author Jessica Brodie  @JessicaJBrodie

Photo by Matt Brodie - Follow him on Instagram at @TheBrodieMan803
You can also follow author Jessica Brodie @JessicaJBrodie

We get your hesitation—writers on Instagram? It’s about photos, not words. Why would any self-respecting writer spend much time on a picture-based platform?

Because Instagram can do a lot for your creativity, your writing, and your reach.

Instagram is a visual masterpiece. Many creative types love Instagram because of its simplicity. It’s often a place of great beauty and honesty. Follow the right people, and your feed can be filled with landscapes, gorgeous gardens, eclectic smatterings of light, and brilliant artistry (or, if you prefer, adorable puppies and babies). If you need a mood-boost or just a place to generate some creative thoughts while brainstorming your next chapter, Instagram’s got you covered. The swirl of colors alone invites expression. Plus, the fact that liking all this lovely photography involves tapping a photo, thereby causing an uplifting little heart to flash in front of you, doesn’t hurt either. 

Not just that, but Instagram can also be a great place to get to know other writers, who’ll let you vent, share writing tips, or just laugh with you when you need a silliness break. Hashtags like #writerslife, #writersblock, and #writersofinstagram are just a few of the happiness hubs on this platform. Connect! It’s fun—and chances are, you’ll learn what makes other writerly souls tick and how they work through a problem you’re having yourself.

If you don't think you're "good enough" as a photographer to make it on Instragram, don't worry. Try simply posting images that speak to you about your writing or inspire you. One great idea is to take a photo with your phone and challenge yourself to write a short Instagram-only story with it (about 2,200 characters long). Do this for a month, and you'll be well on your way to figuring out your voice on the platform.

Instagram can also grow your reach, helping you sell books simply by getting the word out there that your books exist—and how they can get them. Be careful not to come across as just trying to sell your stuff, though. You want to be authentic and engaging, not a cliche used-car salesperson. That said, a captivating photo that teases a book draws the eye and heart… and makes them want to learn more. 

So if you’ve been holding off on trying Instagram because you don’t understand how you might relate to a photo-based platform, we say give it a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

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