Why writers should love LinkedIn


We remember when we first created our LinkedIn account several years ago. It felt so strange—isn’t this just for people who are job-hunting? Why are they making me network with more people in my industry? Who has time for this?

But somewhere along the line, LinkedIn started growing on us. And now, it’s official: it gets our first-ever Brodie Media Triple-Heart Rating. (OK, we just made that up. But it sounds nice, doesn’t it?)

What we’re trying to say is that we’ve gone from a lukewarm “meh” feeling to a real appreciation for what LinkedIn has to offer, especially for those of us on the Brodie Media team who are writers.

Why, you ask? Let us explain:

It’s for grownups

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great, but sometimes it’s hard to filter through who’s a bona fide professional and who’s some weirdo stalker posing as an “author” or a  (don’t even get us started about Snapchat). But most of the people on LinkedIn are real professionals who take their work seriously. That can be refreshing.

Legit conversations

If you’re anything like us, we tend to get all suspicious when we get a private message on other social media accounts, especially when it’s from someone we’ve just connected with. Often, they’re trying to sell us something (editing services! cover design!), or it’s one of those generic auto-messages urging us to buy their book right now pretty-please. But with LinkedIn, you get the sense that the messages are from real people making genuine connections. Again—refreshing. 

Interesting content

Most people who use LinkedIn are rather selective about what they post, perhaps because they know their audience consists of real professionals who don’t appreciate drivel. So (for the most part) your feed isn’t overly clogged and you can really take the time to appreciate what your peers take the time to share, whether that’s about writing or a host of other interests.


While we have little to no experience with the job-search aspect of LinkedIn, many people we greatly respect have excellent things to say about the “Jobs” section of this platform. The layout and search functions make it easy to hunt for positions and locations, and usually it’s easy to tell if something is a good fit or not. Writer jobs are plentiful, too, which is not always the case on other platforms.

What do you think of LinkedIn? What are some of your favorite things about it, or why haven’t you tried it?