Weird places to create


Creative people are supposed to be eccentric. At least, that’s what we’re told. Still, the fact that one member of our team wrote nearly the entire first draft of a novel in her parked car seemed pretty weird to her.

But it worked. And she kept at it, and now it’s done. 

Not everybody has the Perfect Writing Spot or the Perfect Space for Creativity. In our heads, we’re “supposed” to, but when we don’t it makes us feel a little off at best and an all-out fraud at worst.

However, we at Brodie Media are convinced that the best place to create is the place where your work gets done, no matter what that looks like. Over the years, we’ve heard of some unusual creation-places. We say, “Bravo.” 

Here are some of our favorite alternative writing/creativity zones:

The car

For some of us, the car is the only space where we are truly and completely alone. So why not turn that into your own private creative haven? It’s worked for a couple of authors we know, for sure.

In a tree

We always hear about great book characters sneaking off to read away the afternoon nestled in the branch of a tree. So why is it surprising that some writers like to pen said books there, too?  Trees are peaceful, solitary, and inspiring for many people. While we think it might be a tad awkward (and unsafe) to hoist your laptop up with you, why not tote a journal and a couple pens and let nature unleash your creative beast?.

On a subway/train/bus

Plenty of people like to write in coffee shops, citing the buzz of energy as a creative driver. Is it that much of a stretch to take another leap and let your morning commute do double duty for you? There’s just as much excitement and bustle in the air, plus the gentle motion of your chosen transport probably can’t hurt (what’s that saying about kinetic energy feeding into creativity?). Who knows, maybe you’ll produce the next Great American Novel on that hustle-and-bustle high.

That’s a start. Now it’s your turn: where are some of your favorite “weird” places to write or create? 

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