Photography services

We provide all the top-quality photography your business needs—from engaging headshots, crisp brochure art, showstopping product photography, and event coverage to attention-getting website images and office décor.

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A headshot is often your first impression with a client or customer. They instantly decide from that single photo whether you are someone they want to work with—or not. So often, people settle for subpar headshots because they don’t want to spend money or time, so they take a selfie or use a shot of them at a wedding, and cropping out their date or spouse, and it comes across incredibly unprofessional even if it’s intended to look “casual.” For every headshot, my goal is for you to look confident and approachable, someone qualified to do the job, but also someone clients would be comfortable enough approaching. That’s a good headshot.

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Promotional Photography

Promotional photography means different things for different businesses—sometimes a still-life shot of the product itself, sometimes a “lifestyle” shot showing people using and enjoying the product. Promotional images must be not only aesthetically pleasing but also create engagement. People are going to judge your product and service based on the kinds of images they see on your website or in printed materials. If you own a pizzeria, if the pizza in your promotional looks gross and discolored, no one will want to to buy it, but if the pizza looks delicious, or if you show people sitting around the table enjoying the pizza and laughing, they’ll feel like they’ll enjoy it themselves and want the pizza. It's all about the feels—and the quality.


Product Photography

These images of your product typically go on your shopping cart page or on Amazon. If you run a service-oriented company, these would go on your coupon or mailer. If you run a business that sells an actual product, it’s easy—you photograph the actual product. And just like a headshot, your product needs to be shown in its best light, literally and figuratively. You want your product to look as amazing as you know it is. People are not going to want a product that doesn’t look good. Too often people settle for quick and easy, and it fails them. They think it’s the product’s fault, but it’s really the fault of the photography and the marketing. If you run a service, like a lawn company, you’ll want a nice lawn or a picture of the service technician spraying fertilizer, not some dirty sweaty guy pushing a beat-up rusted lawnmower—it’s not about the equipment; it’s about the lawn. Either way, it's all about making your business shine.

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Event Coverage

Many companies host events, whether it’s a formal announcement of a new product or service, a gala, conferences or training sessions, a groundbreaking, or a live band on Tuesday nights at a restaurant. These kind of events bring in real people—and real engagement—and it’s important to capture them and bring them to life. They are also great for news coverage and press releases for next year, as TV and newspapers need visual interest for a story.

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People judge a business based on how the business presents itself. Just like a headshot represents the person or the product photography represents the product, office décor can represent the business. If your client walks in and finds a bunch of blank, stark walls or a space filled with generic artwork from a big-box store, it’s not a very inviting space. Imagine walking into a car dealership that didn’t have images of cars or driving experiences but instead a bunch of random floral prints. How much more of a story could you tell if you had custom artwork on your walls featuring your products or services, or even the city or community around you? It sets the tone for your clients and tells your story in a powerful way.


Video Production

Good video is perhaps the single most effective digital media strategy right now—if it’s used effectively. We provide a wide variety of video services, from testimonial and product videos to corporate identity videos, event coverage, and promo spots. Video creates more engagement, more opportunity for learning, more opportunity for trust—and it separates the good from the bad. Companies that effectively use video outperform companies that don’t by a large margin, but it’s got to be good video. Bad video will turn people off before you even have a chance to engage with them about your brand.



Testimonials are essentially videos of someone proclaiming how wonderful your product, service, or brand is. We all know we trust the opinions of friends and family and “regular” people more than we trust a rating on Amazon or a Google review. If our friend says he had an amazing experience at a certain restaurant, we’re going to want to go, too. Testimonials are effective because they help build not only engagement and awareness, but also trust.

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Product videos

Product videos showcase the product, often helping to explain the benefits or key differences of your product versus another, or why somebody might need your product. You can demonstrate your product on video in a way you simply can’t in a picture or text. For example, you can say your knife is the sharpest knife on the planet—or you can show it in a video slicing through a tomato or a steak and let people see how sharp it is.

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Promo spots for online marketing

Promo spots are videos created specifically to promote your product or service on social media. Their purpose is not necessarily to demonstrate how the product is used, but rather to make it seem attractive, needed, or desirable. These videos have an entirely different focus and often accompany an ad, so their content will depend on the purpose of the ad.  Sometimes they are designed to lead to a purchase, while other times they are simply for humor and engagement.

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Event coverage

Some events deserve video coverage, whether you’re bringing in a special keynote speaker, getting live reactions from attendees, showcasing a major convention, or simply hoping to highlight people interacting with your booth or display. A great example is a nonprofit having a gala or golf tournament—good video of your event helps you promote it for next year, plus it helps secure needed news coverage.

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Corporate identity and branding videos are not so much about the product but about the brand itself. Think brand awareness videos from Nike, Apple, JetBlue—videos designed to connect you with the brand, not trying to sell you a specific shoe or laptop or specific airplane to fly on. And if you’re a nonprofit, letting people know why you do what you do is oftentimes more important than telling people what you do. These videos can be a lot of things: a story of how or why you got started, what you do and why you do it, or even how your company gives back to the community. For example, an attorney or a real estate agent might use a corporate identity video to distinguish themselves from every other attorney or real estate agent in the area.


Writing TO captivate and ENGAGE

Because of the proliferation of video and multimedia, one of the things that sometimes gets left behind is high-quality writing, whether that’s on a website, a brochure, a press release, or your marketing materials. Often, people just slap up artfully designed text, but if it’s full of typos or poorly written, people are instantly going to assume your quality is only as good as what they can see—and that you don’t pay much attention to your business because you didn’t pay attention to what you wrote. We offer a plethora of writing and editing services to help your business or brand succeed, including copyediting and content editing, proofreading, copywriting, website writing/editing, book editing, biographical narratives, brochure text, media releases, and more. 


Don’t let error-ridden writing make you look like an amateur. We offer a number of editing services for all your writing needs, including content editing, structural editing, proofreading, and copyediting. 


Quality copy is critical, whether that is for your company brochure, video, marketing materials, or website. We dig deep and understand your needs, then produce top-notch written content to express what must be said. 

Website Copy

We write engaging, informative content for your website, as well as fully edit your website for typos and other errors. We also help with writing geared toward search engine optimization, with website keywords and search engine terms that are interesting (and don’t read like a textbook!). 

Book Editing

For authors and other writers, we offer content editing, copyediting, and proofreading services for fiction and nonfiction books and other lengthy items. 


We offer biography services and other helpful ways to market you to your clients. Business professionals often need a prepared biography—both a short and a long version—for a host of opportunities, whether you are cultivating the media, doing a presentation, being interviewed, serving as a keynote speaker, or starting your own business and needing people to know your story.

Media Releases

Press releases are essential to communicating with the media, whether that’s television, radio, or print. While you can’t under-emphasize the importance of personal contact, you need to follow that contact with a well written release so editors don’t have to jump through hoops to publicize your news.