Other services


There are many other ways Brodie Media can help your business achieve its goals, including publicity, media relations, brand consultation, logos and graphic design, ad copy and ad design, electronic press kits for musicians and artists, and more.

Publicity and Media Relations

For press release writing, public service announcements, and scripts for television and radio commercials to personal contacts with individual members of the media, we are here to help spread the word about your service or company in a professional, knowledgeable manner. 

Brand Consultation

Brands that are new or struggling often need help. Maybe they have the people on staff that can create the content or most of it, but they just don’t know how to get to the next level. That’s where we come in, helping you craft step-by-step strategies and work toward goals that build your business. Many times, the first step is just talking about where you want your business to go long-term.

Logos and Graphic Design

A logo is the key identifier for your brand. A great logo can become iconic—think McDonald’s or Nike. You don’t even need to say the name of company; you just see the golden arches or the swoosh, and it’s instantly recognizable. It becomes symbol of your brand and inspires confidence. Beyond a logo, companies often need a number of other graphics, such as website icons or customized PowerPoint backgrounds. Brodie Media is here to help design elements that take your business to the next level.

Ad Copy and Design

Ad copy and ad design go hand-in-hand. Everything from the images to the font to the graphics should play together to represent your company and brand and tell the story. Having cohesive advertising throughout all your marketing creates consistency, helping to build awareness and trust along with an attractive, polished image.


A key tool for any restaurant is its menu, but a printed menu and the design of that menu can be appealing or a turnoff. Misspelled words and typos can set the tone for the meal, making you look bad or amateur. Worse, if the images are not appealing, you could potentially lead people away from a specific item—or from your restaurant entirely.