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Brodie Media Podcast with Matt and Beav

A podcast about growing your business through marketing, branding and content creation.
Business isn’t easy. It’s work, it’s grinding away and it’s dedication.

We want to help. We’re sharing our ideas, tactics and the lessons we’ve learned from the trenches. We want to help you build your brand, engage with your customers and ultimately help you grow your business.

Effective branding and marketing needs a tactical approach to succeed. We’ll share the tips, trick and tools we use to create engaging content that customers will respond to. Our goal is to provide you with value. So if you’re eager to learn, need some help, or just like hearing to brothers dish out business and life advice. Go ahead an mash the subscribe button below. You can thank us later.




Matt started in the production side of business marketing. He owned a photography and video production company for 15 years before re-banding the company in 2018 as Brodie Media, a marketing and content creation agency helping business develop a marketing strategy and then creating content to execute on that strategy.

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Beav loves getting his hands dirty in the process of branding and marketing. Literally, starting off as a custom car builder, while turning his side hobby into a seven figure e-commerce business.
As the owner of Tactical Baby gear, he’s done the work, made the mistake and figured out what works to grow and scale an e-commerce business.

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