Columbia College Athletic Promo


We recently got to put together a very fun and very cool video for Columbia College’s athletic program to use as a fund raising tool. You’ll note the lack of any graphics on the video, that’s intentional as this is going on a specifically built landing page that has a lot of other information and ways to give to the College’s athletic department.

Sometimes you just don't feel like you exist before coffee.

One of the best things about what we do is getting to make fun and engaging content for our clients. While all of our content is designed to generate engagement and ultimately sales for our clients, it’s really fun when we, well, get to have fun. Creating different content than what is normally expected is a great way to get engagement, but when you can tie it into relevant things like a holiday, then it’s just scary good. (get it?)

Here is a fun shot we created for one of our coffee clients just as a fun Halloween holiday post.

Sometimes you just don’t exist before coffee. - Happy Halloween from 1 Shot 1 Kill Coffee.

Sometimes you just don’t exist before coffee. - Happy Halloween from 1 Shot 1 Kill Coffee.

Also, as a shameless plug, if you support veteran owned business and you love coffee, go check out 1 Shot 1 Kill Coffee Company.

Back to School with Premier Body Armor

This a video we did for the "Back to School" campaign for Premier Body Armor. 
The video received significant engagement just hours after publishing the ad, allowing for a large audience to be retargeted with additional ads quickly. 

Sales jumped way up in response and we were able to maintain a 10% ad spend to revenue ratio. Meaning for every $100 in ads they made $1000 in sales.


Photographing the President and Air Force One

We were asked to get some photographs of the President landing in South Carolina, along with documenting the landing of Air Force One in Columbia. We ran into a lot of challenges with the weather, but all-in-all, we walked away with some great photos, and Matt was even able to vlog some of it. Below are just a few of the images  we can share and the video Matt made. It was an incredible experience and an honor.

Knead Pizza

What's more mouth watering than a delicious pizza? How about super sexy video of delicious pizza? We made these two teaser videos for Knead Pizza's Facebook and Instagram accounts to help them promote their pizza.

If these videos make you as hungry as they made us, maybe you should swing by Knead Pizza or order online (If you're local of course)

Yes to Sweets

A major thank you to Matt Brodie @brodiemedia who did a fabulous face lift on my website!!! Matt is professional, easy to work with and performs the task you ask to perfection!!!! Love it!
— Tamika Pinson

When Tameika contacted us, she wasn't sure if what she wanted was too small of a project. The simple facelift to her website didn't require much work, but it was outside of her abilities and she wanted someone that could do the job quickly and at fair price. Luckily for her, we don't believe in a job being too small. We were happy to help her and help her business grow!