Writing TO captivate and ENGAGE

Because of the proliferation of video and multimedia, one of the things that sometimes gets left behind is high-quality writing, whether that’s on a website, a brochure, a press release, or your marketing materials. Often, people just slap up artfully designed text, but if it’s full of typos or poorly written, people are instantly going to assume your quality is only as good as what they can see—and that you don’t pay much attention to your business because you didn’t pay attention to what you wrote. We offer a plethora of writing and editing services to help your business or brand succeed, including copyediting and content editing, proofreading, copywriting, website writing/editing, book editing, biographical narratives, brochure text, media releases, and more. 


Don’t let error-ridden writing make you look like an amateur. We offer a number of editing services for all your writing needs, including content editing, structural editing, proofreading, and copyediting. 


Quality copy is critical, whether that is for your company brochure, video, marketing materials, or website. We dig deep and understand your needs, then produce top-notch written content to express what must be said. 

Website Copy

We write engaging, informative content for your website, as well as fully edit your website for typos and other errors. We also help with writing geared toward search engine optimization, with website keywords and search engine terms that are interesting (and don’t read like a textbook!). 

Book Editing

For authors and other writers, we offer content editing, copyediting, and proofreading services for fiction and nonfiction books and other lengthy items. 


We offer biography services and other helpful ways to market you to your clients. Business professionals often need a prepared biography—both a short and a long version—for a host of opportunities, whether you are cultivating the media, doing a presentation, being interviewed, serving as a keynote speaker, or starting your own business and needing people to know your story.

Media Releases

Press releases are essential to communicating with the media, whether that’s television, radio, or print. While you can’t under-emphasize the importance of personal contact, you need to follow that contact with a well written release so editors don’t have to jump through hoops to publicize your news.